Accelerating the transformation to Value-Based Healthcare.

Accelerating the transformation to Value-Based Healthcare.

We are transforming how healthcare is paid for!

DIGIPHARM help patients access the best available healthcare with our pioneering value-based contracting platform.

Our independent platforms provide manufacturers, payers, and healthcare providers with the ability to automate and execute value-based reimbursement agreements.

Certified partner

DIGIPHARM is proud to be an exclusive implementation partner for ICHOM in the UK whilst also supporting global implementations

Flagship Solutions


Reimburse is a pioneering platform dedicated to facilitate dynamic reimbursement of healthcare based on key performance thresholds.

Reimburse utilises emerging technology to eliminate infrastructural barriers and automate the end-to-end implementation of value-based agreements between patients, payers, manufacturers and healthcare providers, regardless of complexity.


The Digihealth patient smartphone application enables remote patient feedback on how well therapies work for them (PROM* collection). The application hosts ICHOM Standard Sets and other established PRO questionnaires that are widely used to inform clinical evaluations, healthcare commissioning and health technology assessments.

Digihealth interconnects with the Reimburse platform allowing users to contribute health data for personalised outcomes research and more importantly, inform the quality of care and interventions received to inform outcome-based pricing agreements.

* Patient Reported Outcome Measures

Manage your Digihealth

Digihealth is a patient and public engagement ecosystem and a one-stop healthcare portal that provides all you need to:

  • Manage and earn from your health data
  • Earn rewards for sharing feedback on how well treatments work for you
  • Earn by engaging in healthy activities
  • Access high quality healthcare consultations wherever you are in the world
  • Purchase global health coverage
  • Access unique health-related services

Patient incentivisation

Patients using the Digihealth application will receive Digihealth tokens (DGH) as a reward for completing questionnaires and sharing data where applicable.


House of Commons Award for Health IT Innovation 2018 

Value Based Healthcare Dragons Finalist 2019

Value-based Healthcare Award Finalist 2020

Value-based Healthcare Dragons Finalist 2022

Consulting services:

  • Value-based transformation

  • Digital transformation in healthcare

  • Health economics and market access

  • Health resource allocation

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