DIGIHEALTH tokens are the financial bridge between health & wellbeing; the key to patients shaping our future health economy





  • Imagine being able to pay for healthcare based on how it has improved your quality of life
  • Imagine being in control of your personal medical record at all times
  • Imagine adding to that data via your wearable instantly
  • Imagine being paid to share anonymised data via cryptocurrency wherever you are in the world
  • Image being a shareholder of a community health data set that provides you recurring rewards
  • Imagine a new health economy with DIGIPHARM

The quantity of tokens required for such interactions is subject to change, relative to the market value of DGH

How can I use Digihealth tokens?

  • Used to pay license/access fees on DIGIPHARM platforms such as Reimburse and Digihealth
  • Used to access services on the Digihealth Centre (Crypcade Metaverse)
  • Used to reward and incentivise network participants (subject to conditions)
  • Used to reward users for anonymised data sharing (subject to conditions)
  • Access patient/public facing platforms such as Digihealth
  • Payment mechanism for services such as online health consultations, health insurance, epigenetic profiling and various patient programs
  • Governance for the Digihealth DAO (TBA)
  • Redeemable on the Digihealth Hub and Online Store


The value of any digital currency arises from its usage as a means of payment, exchange and utility. The greater the utility, the more valuable and stable the currency will be. The Digipharm network offers a wide array of healthcare applications where DGH tokens can be used to pay license/access fees on DIGIPHARM platforms. Payment usage contributes directly to DGH’s utility, while running smart contracts and accessing data and services requires paying a network fee in DGH and in some cases, holding a predetermined amount of DGH to utilise the network.

Access fees will invariably be determined and stipulated in USD value and the quantity of tokens required will depend on the type of access combined with the form of interaction required. The quantity of tokens required for such interactions is subject to change, relative to the market value of DGH. DGH tokens can also be utilised to access various health related services, incentivise network participants and reward platform governance.

DGH tokens can be used to distribute automated payments upon execution of a contract, and to distribute rewards to users who have opted to share their data/feedback or as a means of payment for healthcare services and interventions. Utilisation of the token for these purposes provides a higher level of speed, security and privacy not currently offered by traditional payment/rewards methods.

DGH token supply can be permanently reduced via various token Burn initiatives as described below.


DIGIPHARM reduces DGH supply on the free market by purchasing tokens on behalf of corporate/industrial clients for platform/network utilisation where applicable.

DGH tokens used to power smart contracts, access services or deploy programs on the Digipharm network are purchased directly from the market on behalf of users and once deployed, transferred to a Service Wallet to be locked for a period of 24 months.

Where Industrial clients choose to provide DGH directly to patients and platform users as a reward for surveys, engagement and interaction with the network; this will be based on a net-positive purchase of DGH tokens on behalf of these clients directly from public exchanges with a remaining surplus of tokens locked in the Service Wallet.

These tokens will remain in the custody of Digipharm.









All purchases or subscriptions to services on Digihealth will be subject to a Community Tax of 50% on profits relating to the purchase or service.

Revenue from the Community Tax will be used for a token buy-back mechanism of DGH directly from global markets.

Where services are purchased using DGH, 25% of the DGH will be eligible for the Community Tax Initiative.

All tokens acquired via the Community Tax Initiative can either be permanently burnt or directed to a dedicated Community Reserve Wallet to be used for incentivisation, partnerships and rewards.

The proportion of tokens to be burnt or directed to the Community Reserve Wallet will be determined by periodical voting.

Impact of engagement on DGH supply


GOVERNANCE PROGRAM (subject to change)

Access to the Digihealth Governance Program requires users to pledge DGH tokens within the community rewards wallet which entitles them to a reward of X% annually, relative to the number of tokens contributed (see below).

Contribution to the Governance Program enables users to shape Digihealth initiatives and is the first step towards establishing the Digihealth DAO.

The more tokens the more voting rights

  • Minimum contribution: 10000 DPH tokens

  • Reward-rate: TBA% p.a

  • Reward-rate cycle length: 12 months*

  • Reward distribution intervals: Quarterly

  • Start date of staking program: TBA**

Governance rights include:

  • Vote for/support decision making for DGH token utility

  • Vote for features/capabilities on the Digihealth application

  • Participate in focus groups and surveys by Digipharm and selected partners (additional rewards provided – subject to conditions)

* Reward rate and cycle length to be re-evaluated after 12 months from start of governance rewards program via the DGH Governance protocol.
** To Be Announced


The Digihealth Membership Program will be available exclusively on the Digihealth Hub. There are opportunities to register as an Advocate or Ambassador to gain access to exclusive features such as:

– Early access to news and updates

– Higher reward rates for engagement

– Increased limits on paid surveys/questionnaires

– First refusal on engagements

– Earn rewards for growing the Digihealth ecosystem

DGH Token Roadmap