Digipharm are pleased to announce an upcoming migration to join the Terra Ecosystem. We are excited to embark on the journey to push mainstream adoption of Digipharm’s native DPH token within a dynamic and forward-thinking network such as Terra.

This migration provides Digipharm with the ability to grow functionality around the token such as patient and user rewards, governance portals and various healthcare-related payment features planned in the near future that will utilise the unique features of native stablecoins within the Terra network.

‘This is a great time for us as an organisation and especially our community. After careful deliberation and discussions with leading protocols, the decision to work within Terra will accelerate the realisation of a digital health economy built around patients and wider platform users. We want to make sure that we can give patients and the wider public the ability to ‘value’ their health and give them a greater understanding of how important they will be as health systems move to a value-based approach’ Ahmed Abdulla, CEO

DPH token holders will be soon be required to swap their tokens to gain compatibility with the Terra network. More details will be provided in the near future.