DPH to Terra Swap

Important links

Migration contract on Ethereum network is available here:

Ethereum DPH token address:

Terra DPH contract:

Migration instructions

Once you have DPH in your account and an existing Terra wallet address (generate this at https://station.terra.money), you may access the migrator front end application here: http://migration.digipharm.io

The migration is a 4 step process

Checking balance on Terra network

In order to verify your balance on Terra, go to https://station.terra.money and click on the ‘Wallet’ tab or visit https://finder.terra.money/columbus-4/address/terra17jnhankdfl8vyzj6vejt7ag8uz0cjc9crkl2h7 contracts and search for your DPH token contract on the MainNet – ensure that the Station is connected to the Mainnet in the bottom left corner.

DPH address on the Terra Mainnet is:

Once you have found the DPH contract address on the Terra Mainnet, press Query and populate

{"balance": {"address": "YOUR_TERRA_ADDRESS"}}

replace YOUR_TERRA_ADDRESS with the terra address you specified in Step 3.

e.g. {"balance": {"address": "terraxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"}}

Press next and your balance will be displayed.

In the near future DPH tokens will be added to the Wallet in Terra Station.

Please note

1. There is 0.1% fee for migrating the token. This is to cover Terra transaction costs.
2. Before tokens are provided on Terra, there need to be 7 confirmations on the Ethereum network.