DPH Token

DIGIPHARM tokens (DPH) are the key to unlocking the door to a future health economy; for both patients and healthcare organisations alike.



  • Imagine being in control of your medical record at all times
  • Imagine adding to that data via your wearable instantly
  • Imagine being paid to share anonymised data via cryptocurrency wherever you are in the world
  • Imagine being able to pay for healthcare based on how it has improved your quality of life
  • Imagine a new health economy with DIGIPHARM.

The quantity of tokens required for such interactions is subject to change, relative to the market value of DPH

Total Supply of DPH: 100m ERC-20 tokens

Use Cases

  • DPH can be used to pay license/access fees on DIGIPHARM platforms
  • DPH tokens will be used to incentivise network participants (subject to conditions)
  • DPH tokens will be used to reward users for anonymised data sharing (subject to conditions)
  • DPH tokens will be used to access partners platforms linked to the Digipharm health economic network

Track the performance of your DPH at

Trading at:

Trading at:

DPH Service Wallet:

Tokens locked for 3 years from deployment on DIGIPHARM platforms

Balance: 423536 DPH

DIGIPHARM community engagement & governance program

Access to the DPH community engagement & governance program requires users to lock DPH tokens within the community rewards wallet which entitles them to a reward of 15% annually, relative to the number of tokens contributed.

Contribution to the DPH community rewards program alone provides exclusive access to the DIGIPHARM governance portal.

The more tokens the more voting rights

  • Minimum contribution: 1000 DPH tokens

  • Reward-rate: 15% p.a

  • Reward-rate cycle length: 12 months*

  • Reward distribution intervals: Once Per Calendar Month

  • Start date of staking program: TBA**

Members of the governance portal may

  • Vote for/support decision making for DPH utility

  • Vote for features/capabilities on Digipharm applications

  • Participate in focus groups and surveys by Digipharm and selected partners (additional rewards provided – subject to conditions)

  • Apply to become brand ambassadors

* Reward rate and cycle length to be re-evaluated after 12 months from start of governance rewards program via the DPH Governance protocol.
** To Be Announced

DPH Token Roadmap