EncrypGen Partnership Announcement

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered up with EncrypGen, the first company to launch a genomic data marketplace. Specialising in the field of genomic data and blockchain based solutions related to such data, EncrypGen is one of the true leaders in its field. This partnership supports our quest for developing advanced technologies to empower patients and contribute to health-related research with an aim to optimise treatment costs in healthcare and improve patient outcomes.

EncrypGen customers can use DNA tokens to see or buy genomic data through a blockchain powered DNA data marketplace. Such platforms are a great asset to the science and healthcare community, as it allows researchers to acquire unique data and inform their research through Gene-Chain.

Together, we will work to achieve our mutual goal of improving access to the best therapies and to make healthcare systems secure, affordable and trustworthy through blockchain technology.

Digipharm and EncrypGen will mutually exchange information and experience in the field, while aiming to develop optimal solutions for patients and users of each other’s platforms. EncrypGen will provide expertise with handling genomic data and the opportunity for their users to to share and monetise their wider health data on Digipharm platforms, whereas Digipharm will provide the opportunity for patients on our platform to monetise their genetic data on EncrypGen platforms.

The partnership between Digipharm and EncrypGen will increase the usage methods of both $DPH and $DNA tokens and kickstarts the Digipharm token ecosystem.

To find out more about our partners, EncrypGen, and their work, we cordially invite you to visit their website at: www.encrypgen.com