HealthyLovedOnes Partnership Announcement

We are delighted by our newest partnership with HealthyLovedOnes, a Hong Kong based organisation that ensures finding the most suitable carer for each person in need. Website users can filter their search according to location, experience, types of care services offered, religion, gender and even personal interests.

Be it the elderly, people with special needs or disabilities, ones in need of rehabilitation, HealthyLovedOnes makes sure everyone will get the quality care they deserve and matches carers with patients through a large criteria that allows for them to find a perfect match.

The partnership between Digipharm and HealthyLovedOnes means they can use Digipharm platforms for digital health tracking of social care patients as the social care system begins its transition towards a value based approach. As HealthyLovedOnes mission is to find quality, affordable healthcare for their patients, thus improving people’s life quality, Digipharm’s value-based healthcare facilitating technology further strengthens their quest. The partnership empowers patients and health systems to provide and receive the right care with minimum guarantees of quality.

In addition to supporting the establishment of new payment mechanisms for social care services in Hong Kong; patients and users of HealthyLovedOnes’s services will have the opportunity to share their health data with Digipharm’s upcoming health data marketplace in return for incentives and rewards.To find out more about our partners, we cordially invite you to visit them at: