Reimburse is a pioneering platform connecting key healthcare stakeholders that seek to transact using value-based agreements.

Reimburse uses real-world data insights and analytics to execute pay-for-performance healthcare agreements efficiently and securely while removing the administrative burden of implementing such agreements.

Reimburse allows users to define patient eligibility, outcomes of interest and pricing conditions that form the basis of the value-based pricing agreements.

Reimburse is able to generate unprecedented insights in near-real time to enable manufacturers, payers, and healthcare providers to optimise the way they pay and provide healthcare interventions.

User Benefits

  • Value-based contracting capability made easy
  • Privacy by design (GDP& HIPAA compliant)
  • Eliminates requirement for manual processing of agreements
  • Reduces administrative costs
  • Provides immutable & transparent patient outcomes data
  • Eliminates delays in patient access
  • Ability to implement complex agreements

Healthcare Payers

  • Provide access to the best available healthcare technologies and services
  • Benefit from risk-sharing and eliminate paying for products or services that do not provide value
  • Establish efficacy of interventions for your setting
  • Manage budget Impact and establish cost-effectiveness dynamically
  • Eliminate administrative burden for value-based agreements


  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Identify opportunities to improve treatment adherence
  • Improve and accelerate patient access
  • Demonstrate value of healthcare technologies
  • Generate RWE that can be used for further development
  • Improve collaboration with payers and providers


  • Optimise procurement and resource allocation
  • Enable provision of best available therapies for patients
  • Attract more patients via provision of novel and innovative interventions
  • Eliminate administrative burden for value-based agreements

Platform Features

  • Work with existing users or introduce your own contracting stakeholders
  • Utilise predefined outcome-based models or define your own
  • Identify eligible patients
  • Track and review patient outcomes
  • Automate processing of value-based agreements
  • Overview of financial transactions
  • Utilise RWE as it is generated
  • Comparative analysis of efficacy and performance