DIGIPHARM Blockchain Solutions

The following Digipharm platforms will be built and ready before the end of the ICO for two good reasons. The first is driven by market need. We’re already working with the world’s largest health institutions and demand for the platforms requires urgency. Secondly, because the Digipharm ICO is governed by SWISS regulations, we’re obliged to protect the value of your tokens by building working platforms by the time the tokens are released. Unlike other ICO’s, Digipharm is more than just an idea. You can be confident in buying DPH tokens.

DIGIPHARMs’ solutions will facilitate & accelerate the paradigm shift to value-based & patient centric healthcare using ‘smart contracts’ & blockchain technology. Utilising blockchain technology for DIGIPHARMs’ platforms promotes the development of a decentralised health information infrastructure that is ubiquitous, transparent & security conscious.



Reimburse is the world’s first smart contract platform for flexible pricing of healthcare based on treatment performance.
It eliminates infrastructural barriers & automates the implementation of value-based pricing agreements between payer & manufacturer, regardless of complexity, on a fully independent platform.
Removing the administrative burden encourages payment for performance for the mutual benefit for all stakeholders.

  • Eliminates requirement for manual reimbursements
  • Processes & tracks agreements
  • Reduces administrative costs
  • Provides immutable & transparent patient outcomes data
  • Single platform for global use


DIGIHEALTH is an unparalleled application that provides patients the ability to access personalised, comprehensive & up-to-date health information to inform their decision making. Patients are rewarded for participating in health related research & have the ability to connect with fellow patients worldwide.

    DIGIHEALTH facilitates:
  • Real life health outcomes based on personal characteristics
  • Health outcomes categorised by health institution
  • The ability to participate in surveys & questionnaires for rewards
  • Clinical research organisations to identify & contact patients of interest
  • Access to patient information


The following two projects are planned for development at a later date following the initial development of the platforms mentioned above. They will not be ready by the ICO, but are still vital to the vision for how DIGIPHARM will revitalise the healthcare industry.



Insights is the world's first ‘live’ health outcomes database for health-related decision making and research, where health data and real world evidence (RWE) is accessible and updated in real time. Patients are rewarded for contributing data to Insights.

  • Increased data use results in greater rewards
  • Greater rewards for data related to rare diseases
  • Free genomic profiling for contributing patients


MYHEALTH is an application that will be used in collaboration with payers & providers to track patients’ health related behaviour & reward or incentivise them accordingly.

Data collection on the MYHEALTH platform will allow health insurance providers to identify lower risk patients & offer subsequent reductions in health insurance premiums.



Evolve is a platform for crowdfunding medical innovation. Funds will be raised via tokenization & digital assetization of innovative health technology to support early proof-of-concept research, ex-vivo studies & pre-clinical studies.

This platform will become the new standard for early funding phases in medical innovation & drug development especially for orphan diseases.


Pioneering sustainable & value-based healthcare delivery, innovative evidence generation & patient empowerment across the healthcare industry on the DIGIPHARM Blockchain Network.

digipharm vision

Who will benefit from DIGIPHARM & how?


benefit from receiving innovative therapy, only paying for treatment that works, and from finally having control of their own data.

Treatment providers

benefit from the removal of administrative burdens and an improved collaboration with manufacturers to provide personalised care.

Governments & National Bodies

benefit from providing the best available treatments to their citizens, only paying for treatments that work, and the removal of administrative burdens.

Insurance companies

benefit from covering patients for the best healthcare, only paying for treatment that works, and being able to trust patient data provided by counterparties with minimal administrative costs.


benefit from an easier route to market and an opportunity to showcase the value of their innovations.