DIGIPHARM (DPH) tokens are the key to unlocking the door to a future health economy; for both patients and healthcare organisations alike:

  • DPH can be used to pay license/access fees on DIGIPHARM platforms
  • DPH tokens will be used to incentivise network participants (subject to conditions)
  • DPH tokens will be used to reward users for anonymised data sharing (subject to conditions)
  • DPH tokens will be used to access partners platforms linked to the Digipharm health economic network

Imagine being in control of your medical record at all times, Imagine adding to that data via your wearable instantly, Imagine being paid to share anonymised data via cryptocurrency wherever you are in the world, Imagine being able to pay for healthcare based on how it has improved your quality of life, Imagine a new health economy with DIGIPHARM.

The quantity of tokens required for such interactions is subject to change, relative to the market value of DPH

Token Information

Total Token Supply:


Trading at:



Service Wallet:
423536 DPH

Distribution & Usage

Initial Token Distribution



How will tokens be used?

DPH tokens will be used for access rights to the Digihealth platform. Research organisations will require DPH tokens when constructing and generating patient-relevant studies on the platform.


Payers/manufacturers will be required to use DPH tokens to initiate or execute smart contracts within the Reimburse module and to enroll individual patients on these smart contracts, i.e. DPH tokens will be used to facilitate the process of annexing patients to innovative pricing and reimbursement agreements.


DPH will be used as the utility token to power each interaction with the Insights database by healthcare stakeholders i.e. DPH tokens will be used for access rights or specific data requests from the Insights platform.


DPH tokens will be used for access rights to the Evolve platform. DPH tokens will also be required to access comprehensive data and reviews related to advertised health technologies and projects.


DPH tokens will be used for specific data requests by research organisations on the MYHEALTH platform.